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    Alex Feldman

    This forum is dedicated to discussion of the building’s retail space. A discussion group around this topic was held at the project’s first community meeting on May 20, 2013. The discussion group was comprised of neighbors and other community members. Major takeaways from this discussion include:

    - Retail should be concentrated at the corner of 43rd and Baltimore and help connect the project with Clark Park
    - A restaurant with outdoor seating fronting the park should be considered
    - A high quality restaurant with a liquor license is preferred over a bar that serves food
    - Smaller neighborhood focused retail is preferred
    - A pharmacy should not be considered for the site
    - A fitness center would be a welcome neighborhood amenity

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      A well-run breakfast/lunch place with prepared foods — such as Picnic on Walnut Street — could be set up the way Sister Cities Park is. There are locked restrooms & you have to get the key from the counter. This is a way of providing an amenity, but also some measure of security. And a place like this, with just minimal seating, would be a complement to a larger restaurant — providing options for prepared foods to pick up for dinner.

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      Considering those restaurants and other establishments with outdoor extensions, they must only have minimal extension allocation so it will not cause traffic or crowd during peak time of any season. And maybe also good to use shade sail or an outdoor table umbrella for the outdoor facility instead of having them concreted. This is actually what I have done in our business, and I am thankful with, its the first one to introduce me the use of shade sail, and gives my business a unique outdoor look.

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      Summer’s almost over … what’s happening with this project?

      RE: Retail. Someone needs to clone Anne-Marie Lasher at Picnic in the Left Bank on Walnut Street (with her permission, of course!) Excellent food & prepared for take home by residents who would be living upstairs or others in the neighborhood on their way home. Such a business would complement a full-service restaurant and create more options for everyone.

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      I would really like to see more retail / small commercial stuff at this location. Rows of storefronts like the ones on Baltimore from 45th west, or the storefronts on 40th street, are what attracted me to this neighborhood. I love the diversity in these shops and restaurants. As far as I’m concerned, these sorts of small stores are one of the major draws to the neighborhood and one of its biggest assets.

      I’d love to see more of the same. I would ideally like a series of small storefronts that could be filled with different businesses. I think having small storefronts (rather than a single, big space) favors smaller businesses and diversity, which I think is more of an asset to the neighborhood.

      I love the idea of a restaurant with outdoor seating. I love the idea of any practical, affordable small businesses. I don’t want anything high-end to move in here and I don’t want any big chains either.

      I don’t think we need to micro-manage exactly who moves in. I would just rather there be retail space than not, and I’d rather it be small storefront retail space instead of something big and generic. Design the space to favor small businesses and just let the market decide who moves in. I think having multiple smaller spaces with affordable rents so they could be attractive to small, locally-owned businesses, would be an ideal setup!

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