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    Alex Feldman

    This forum is dedicated to discussion of parking for the building as well as alternative modes of transportation for building residents and visitors such as transit, car-share, bicycle use, and walking. A discussion group around this topic was held at the project’s first community meeting on May 20, 2013. The discussion group was comprised of neighbors and other community members. Major takeaways from this discussion include:

    - The parking survey performed by the developer doesn’t accurately reflect parking constraints in the neighborhood during the week.
    - To some, parking is important and a taller and denser building would be acceptable to accomodate parking
    - To others, parking encourages auto use and should be limited
    - A ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 parking spaces per units would be acceptable
    - Alternative modes of transportation such as transit, bike, and walking should be encouraged
    - The developer should talk with SEPTA about the possibility of a fare kiosk on site
    - The developer should talk with car-share companies about including car-share vehicles on the site.

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      At last night’s presentation of latest plan, there was no mention of having a few dedicated spaces for a car share. This would also encourage residents to give up a car if they have options in addition to public transit.

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      For me it is better if you have a parking lot not under ground parking.In Helsinki Finland it is more good if you have a huge parking lot or pysäköinnin valvonta in order to make all the car park in right position and can leave easily after they use to park.But then you still got a good idea and it depends on how they manage the parking area.

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