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    It would be hard to find a vacant site better suited for Center City office workers than this site. Residents would be within a short distance of two trolley lines and could commute for less than $4 a day, arriving at City Hall in about 15 minutes. So would it not make good marketing sense to orient this development toward younger professionals working either in Center City or at the universities and the hospitals? Units for longer-term graduate students and for seniors who want to stay in the neighborhood would also be a possibility. It would be great to work a car-share site into the plans. That would help keep down the number or parking places needed.

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      Mary McGettigan

      Not just young professionals, but families too would find living at 43rd and Baltimore a congenial location. My dad, a lawyer who worked in Center City, hated the sound of lawnmowers and didn’t like driving much better. So, he resisted the post-war flight to the suburbs, raised us in the neighborhood he grew up in, and took the trolley to work every day for over thirty years. I believe he considered that a very civilized way to live and would think it smart to buy a home on the park and with the option of the 13 or the 34!

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